We have been advised of a regretful, extensive and widespread oil spill polluting the shoreline of Brazil’s Northeast Region. It concerns an oily substance in the form of lumps of black tar. The source and origin remain unknown.

All the 9 states of Brazil’s Northeast Region have been affected. The area spans over 1,370 nautical miles. Clean up efforts by the Brazilian federal environmental agency IBAMA with the assistance of the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras and other state environmental agencies are ongoing.

The navy’s Integrated Maritime Safety Centre (CISMAR) is investigating maritime traffic in the region, compromising an area of approximately 36,000 square nautical miles in Brazil’s exclusive economic zone, with an emphasis on oil tankers. Cismar has already identified 140 tankers and apparently tankers that sailed along the Brazilian coast in recent weeks are also under investigation. But the investigation does not only target tankers.


It is recommended that the maritime authority is immediately informed by vessels sighting oil slicks during navigation, whilst moored alongside or at anchor, or if vessels have their hulls oil stained. The location, extend and the likely path of the oil click should be carefully documented (logbook entry, position plotted on the nautical chart and photographs or video, if possible). With the aim to avoid or
reduce liability Assured’s should inform EF Marine and seek advice from agents about the need to perform hull cleaning prior to the vessel’s arrival at the next port or anchorage area.

Download the full information to learn more about the area affected, origin and nature of the oil, official investigations underway and the impact on shipping at https://proinde.com.br/circulars/extensive-oil-spill-in-northeast-brazil-and-the-impact-on-shipping/

We thank our local correspondent Representacoes Proinde Ltda. for sharing this information.


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