In good and bad times, EF Marine Claims Professionals are here to Ensure the Future of your business. With offices in Singapore and Rotterdam together with a 24/7 availability we are always available for our Clients.


What we do for you

When the legal position does not fit the commercial and economic reality, when one needs a practical quick solution instead of a lengthy legal advice, when the future of your commercial relations seems compromised, our team of Claims Professionals are here to provide the right solutions allowing you to resume what you are here for: Shipping.

We are professionals with knowledge and experience in all aspects of the shipping business. We speak the language of our Clients, translate legal jargon into concrete solutions and do not give up until the right solution is found.

How we do it

We do not just insure the risk, we take an active role in the handling of all our Clients’ claims and craft the right strategy to allow them to quickly return to their business.  We are our Clients’ partners in difficult times, we know each case inside out and our Clients business has no secret for us. We are versatile and know what our Clients need. Whether a one-off question or a complex issue, whether legal, operational or technical, our Claims Professionals will be there to assist you along the way. We do not delegate claims authority to third parties, we stay involved and in control of the matter at hand. We do not only protect and indemnify our Clients but we also make sure we recover losses from liable parties.

Before the claim

Being prepared allows minimizing of risks and a better control of a situation when the unfortunate occurs.

At EF Marine, we provide advice to our Clients on a certain charter party clause during a negotiation, on who to appoint as expert to perform operational surveys, on what to expect in a certain port, on what legal developments might influence the position under a commercial contract or about any other matter that could lead to a better control and better results. We are our Clients’ partner in building the future of their business.

Eglantine Bentz

Eglantine Bentz

Head of Claims

Team of experts

Edwin van Bostelen

Edwin van Bostelen

Marine Legal Advisor & Claims Executive
Teresa Ho

Teresa Ho

Claims Handler