Ancillary covers are additional solutions complementing your insurance needs further protecting your liabilities and assets.

Who should buy it?

Anyone who has taken out an underlying Shipowners’ P&I, Charterers’ Liability or Multimodal Transportation Liability Insurance.

What ancillary covers are provided?

We offer the following additional solutions:

  • Cargo Owners Legal Liability (COLL) Insurance for Charterers
  • War Risk Insurance
  • Bunker Insurance
  • Freight Insurance
  • Shipowners Liability (SOL) Insurance
  • Specialist Operations
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • Salvors Liabilities

If you are interested in finding out in detail, please contact one of our underwriters.

Tjomme de Boer - Head of Underwriting

Tjomme de Boer

Head of Underwriting
Mihai Blajan

Mihai Blajan

Senior Underwriter