We offer comprehensive P&I packages at fixed premiums that are precisely tailored to you and your vessel.

We cover your contractual and legal liabilities arising from owning and operating a ship. We target small to midsize cargo vessels, as well as supply vessels, fishing boats, tugs and other specialist craft.

There are no restrictions on age, type and class of vessel and we offer limits up to USD 500m.

Main risks as a Shipowner


  • Liability to cargo – when entering a charter party and/or issuing a Bill of Lading for transporting cargo(es) on your vessel you take on contractual liabilities. Shortage of, damage to or perhaps even non-delivery of cargo(es) are some of the liabilities you may be confronted with. Our cover protects you against those and various other liabilities related to cargo.
  • Illness, Personal Injury, Death – hopefully not something you will be confronted with, but a ship can be a dangerous working place. When a member of your crew becomes ill, injured or even worse, dies on board of your vessel, you will have a liability under the crew contract (or in tort) to that crew member or his/her next of kin. Other persons will also board your vessel. Surveyors, pilots, passengers, customs, stevedores to name a few. You will not have an employment contract with them, this however does not mean that you will not be liable if something happens to them on board of your ship. Our cover protects you against those and various other liabilities related to crew members and other persons.
  • Third party liability – Third Party liability is your responsibility to an individual or a company for any errors caused by the you or your crew resulting in financial loss to that individual or company. Examples of this type of liability can be seen in pollution, collision claims, wreck removal as well as personal injury claims.
  • Liability for Costs – costs, which must be made to defend a liability claim are covered. The costs that are regularly incurred are survey expenses and lawyer fees. Even if you are not liable you can be held liable.

Full details of this insurance (including applicable limits) can be obtained on request.




Tjomme de Boer - Head of Underwriting

Tjomme de Boer

Head of Underwriting
Mihai Blajan

Mihai Blajan

Senior Underwriter

Extend Your Shipowners’ P&I Cover

To cover specific additional risks, we can extend your cover with any of the following:


Insurance Product Information Document - Shipowners' P&I
EFM - Shipowners P&I - 2019 T&C.pdf