MARAD, The United States Maritime Administration, has issued a new alert in which it is advised there have been reports of significant GPS interference experienced by vessels operating in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean Sea.

According to the alert these reports have been concentrated between Libya and Malta, specifically in the areas offshore of Libya and to the east and the northwest of Malta. Further reports have been concentrated near Port Said, Egypt, the Suez Canal, and in the vicinity of the Republic of Cyprus. Instances of similar interference were also reported between
Hadera, Israel and Beirut, Lebanon. This interference is resulting in lost GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communications equipment. Satellite communications equipment may also be impacted.


Vessels should exercise caution when operating or transiting these areas. Guidance in respect of navigation practices when encountering GPS interference can be found

GPS interference may be reported to NATO. Guidance how to report these instances can be found at


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